About Hardware Port in local Blynk server

Hi everyone,

I used a local server with hardware port 8442 for a long time ago.
Since blynk updated use the hardware port 80, I did not update the server version, still server-0.29.0-java8.jar
because I use port 80 for my website.

Recently, I can not clone project from qr code from android app, in iOS still ok.
I think android app was changed with new server.

So I have tried the newest blynk server server-0.38.6-java8.jar
Surprise, hardware port is 80, my esp8266 connect to server successfully.
I changed port to 8080 in arduino code, esp can not connect to server.
Itโ€™s mean blynk still use port 80 for hardware, but when I run my website (nodejs), it runs normally.
So what happens with port 80. Did it can use for both my website and blynk?

Have any simple way to change the hardware port like edit the server.properties?


by default blynk server now uses 8080 port for the hardware, yes you can change it in server.properties with http.port=8080.

Maybe this port is blocked on your router.

Nope, if you have another server on the port 80, you canโ€™t use port 80 to connect your hardware.

Thank you for your help.
I updated my server and change http.port to 8442 (compatible with my old code)
Now I can use newest widgets in blynk.

But I dont know why in my first run, both my website and blynk also use port 80 and it run ok, without error. :upside_down_face:

Thank you so much, Blynk team. You are doing the great job.
Iโ€™m so grateful.