A timer with time intervals

Hi guys, i’m trying to set a timer on blynk that turns on for a period and after turns off for another period.
Example: Stays 5 seconds open and then 10 seconds close.
My project is a valve that opens and allows the water pass through the hose in differents time periods.
I’m begginer on blynk and i don’t find any configuration like this in the app. Help please! Thanks a lot!
Sorry for the bad english!

You wouldn’t do this in the app, you’d do it in the sketch that runs on whatever device your are using for this.

You would probably use a combination of a BlynkTimer function and a lambda time-out timer to achieve what you’re looking for.
Is suggest that you do some reading about these two things on the forum.


Alright Pete, i will look for it, thanks!!!
If i have another doubt about this i’ll back here, thanks again!