A more "capable" history graph, please :)

Well, actually it is not an idea for NEW widget, but to slightly improve existing history graph widget.
What I miss, is a manually set MAX-MIN Y-range. Often there is a specific region “of interest” with some specific variable value, and quite unwanted (but not necessary erroneous!) readings ruins all the graph, making it somehow useless. Obviously erroneous value ruins it even more! That is why I would like to see two simple fields with options: AUTO, and… whatever is written to it (or perhaps even written from hardware - that would require virtual pin for widget off course).
Please keep it mind, when developing further versions of lib/app


Yeap. Already in todo list.

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Good to “hear” that. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Blynk makers, I’ve 4 point about improvement of history graph.

  1. Would that be possible to allow user to select colors of curves in history graph. Today they are 4 colors, green, blue, red, orange. In some situations it makes sense to have some other colors.
  2. removing unused Dots in the Legend of history graph
  3. Improving the interpolating of data. In my case I have 3 curves for Door Reed Sensor, PIR, and Vibration sensor. the curves a re settled to 70-100, 30-60, 0-30. Where Max Value = sensor high, Min Value = sensor low. The graph is never showing Max Values. Each sensor is avtivated just for secconds, the display results in small spikes.
  4. It would be also nice, if more than one of curves are used and all beside ode are deaktivated, the graph would “zoom-in” in releated arrea. I mean, if my graph is showing y values 0-100 for both temperature-humidity, deactivating humidity zooms in in arrea of temperature which is between 18-22°C
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Possibility to “search” in the graph. for instance see a specific time interval back in time.

or/and scroll/slide “back in time”.