A math in value widgets?

Well, a question mark here, as it might be a bit overkilling request… But today was thinking about simplifying Blynk use (few days ago @Pavel were asking for suggestions :wink: ) and an idea came into my mind: Would it be hard to introduce some math into value display widgets description fields? What I wanted to do, is to take a value from one device (a barometric sensor - some VirtualPin used) and combine this value with readings from another device (another two virtual pins) by doing some math (a bit advanced in this case). Yes, that is dew point…
Sure it can be done in software (sketch) but doing it in APP would be so easy… One can just feed the APP with raw sensor reading and calculate DC amps, voltage, or … dew point… well, whatever that can be calculated using math formulas and known values.

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Thanks. This is what we had discussed inside our team and some day will be implemented for sure.

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Nice to hear that! Thank You all!

+1 for this, was just thinking about it this morning. :slight_smile: