8 Relay on NodeMCU lolin V3

I put my 4 channel relay on pin D1, D2, D3, D4 NodeMcu V3 an it’s work. But if i change my relay on pin D5, D6, D7, D8 (either or all), my blynk look like not connected with board (red notification). Please i need your help. Tks

When you create a new topic it asks for lots of details, including your code.
The only piece of that information you’ve supplied is the fact that you’re using a NodeMCU as your board.



D8 is GPIO15, which is a special pin that can have an effect on the boot state (assuming you are using an ESP8266, as no board type was given).

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thanks very much toro_blanco. i try change D8 with D0 and it work. thanks for your information.

Thanks pete for your attention. I try to change D8 with D0 and it’s solved.

You may wish to read this:

and translate the GPIO numbers into “D” numbers with this:

You’ll see that the NodeMCU doesn’t really have 8 pins that fall in to the “Safe” or “Quite Safe” category, so using it to drive an 8-way relay board is a bit of a challenge - especially if you then want to start adding physical buttons or sensors of some kind as well.



Tks pete, your explanation is cleared.