4g modem and repeater board goes ofline

My procet is werry simple 3 ds18 temp sensors. My board is connected to the internet. With 4g wifi modem > wifi repeater > esp board

The problem is that sometimes i’m getting litle gaps in the data, but sometimes board goes ofline for few hours. Yesterday during ofline, im restarted, board, then repeater, and 4g modem. But board whent online only few hour later, when i was sleeping.

My question is, how i can debug this problem? Is it possible to ping esp8322 somehow how to know ip adres of the board? beacause sometimes is difficult to connect board to the computer. Thank you.

Yes the ESP is a connected device so you can ping it.

If you add a vlaue display on V0 you can display the IP with:

Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, WiFi.localIP());


Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, String(WiFi.localIP()));

If you add the notify widget you can set it to send you a PUSH message if the device goes offline.

Thank you!