2 Rasspberry pi some issues

i configure a Raspberry(Ip= pi well and run a Node.js(Server address configured to device on that.
after that i cloned sd card of The Rasspberry and Put Second Sd memory on Other Rasspberry(Ip= pi Now When i turn on both raspberrry when my phone connect to first rasspberry(Server address) notification Offline device pushed when Nodejs on second device goes disconnect.

i change auth of nodejs on second rasspi but again when node.js goes offline notification pushed to phone that is App of first rasspberry.
i mean now every rasspberry Have different Auth.

please take a look at here

Happy New Year 2018 :grinning:

You @s.d.engineering have have already been asked to NOT keep tagging the developers (or anyone else) on each and every question you @s.d.engineering keep having… and since you @s.d.engineering already did once in the first post, and they were either busy or ignoring you, means that you @s.d.engineering do NOT need to do it again.

PS don’t try to run to identical Local Servers at the same time… don’t clone the SD card, do a clean install, give it a clearly different IP (including in the advanced settings) and don’t expect the two to share information… they will be completely separate servers from each other.

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