2 Buzzers with Blynk.app automation

My plan is:
a) 2 Buzzer devices based on ESP32-Wrover-B microprocessors
b) 1 Android phone with Blynk.app
c) WiFi or BLE or Bluetooth Classic

Whatever buzzer is pressed (“buzzed”) first, shall run an automation in the Blynk.app which
(i) switches on the LED in the buzzed-first-device
(ii) blocks trigger events from the buzzed-second-device (and keeps its LED switched-off)

Is this a practical idea, will it work with the “Free” plan, what is the best wireless technology to use?

Blynk 2.0 (Blynk IoT) doesn’t support BT or BLE, so you’d need to use WiFi.

I’m not sure that you could do this with Automations in Blink IoT, but you could do it using code - although it would be a little tricky as you’d probably need to use the HTTP(S) API on each device.