15gb logs folder

Hi all,
just now I saw that my /home/pi/logs/archive folder is 15gb.
Inside the archive folder I have the following logs for each day:
-worker.log (3MB)
-blynk.log (3,3MB)
-stats.log (2,8MB)
-postgres.log (57,7MB)

do I need these files? could I remove these files? Could I avoid to store these files?

Many thanks

Yes, you can simply delete them and it (the Local Server) will start filling them anew.

They are just historical data for us uglybagsofmostlywater to read, nothing system critical otherwise.

thanks for the reply.
Could I reduce the number of the log file saved?

It has been awhile since I worked with my Local Server… you would have to read the Docs about that.

You can set log.level=info in server.proeprties

Thanks for the reply… The setting takes effect also to postgres.log?

Yes. Also, archive logs could be removed without any harm.